Thank you for choosing us, it was a fun ride

Hello from the Team at Enger.

We built Enger in 2014 to solve a problem that a lot of our customers had, and that was “how do we get important and timely information to people who get too many emails?”. In a world dominated by email, people were paying less and less attention to those emails – but they would always see a text message on their phone.

Enger provided an amazing and simple way to acquire a mobile phone number, setup distribution lists, import and manage users with their phone numbers, and most importantly – to schedule messages to be sent to those users. You, our customers, loved it and relied on it to communicate with your friends, customers and small groups. Unfortunately, the time has come to shut down Enger.

Our apologies to those of you who relied on it so heavily to keep in touch with your church members, clients and with the parents on your kid’s sports teams. There are a lot of tools on the market today that we know will solve your SMS communication needs more effectively.

If you would like an export of your data, please send an email to and we will provide that information to you as quickly as possible. If you were subscribed and paying for a subscription, your subscription has been cancelled as of today, no further charges will show up on your card. If you had a recent charge for your subscription, you should see that show up as a refund as well.

Thank you for choosing us, it was a fun ride.

The Enger Team